Symptoms Of Diabetes – What Are They?

You may have diabetes and not even know it. That is because diabetes can be a silent problem that can go undetected for quite some time.

Many individuals only find out they have diabetes when they undergo a routine blood test. Some people have even had their sugar checked ‘just for fun’ and found it to be very high.

Diabetes can be a quiet problem, and symptoms of diabetes may actually go unnoticed as they are so mild.

However, there are some people who experience the typical symptoms of diabetes.

What Are The Common Symptoms Of Diabetes?

If you are asking yourself the question ‘am I suffering from diabetes?’, then keep a look out for the symptoms below.

You Pass Urine Very Frequently

As you will know, your blood glucose levels are high if you have diabetes. When there is excessive glucose present in the blood stream, this can put a great deal of pressure on the kidneys.

symptoms fo diabetesThis makes the kidneys produce more urine in an attempt to filter out the glucose.

By producing more urine, it can flush out the excess glucose present in the blood. Excessive urination in diabetes is called polyuria.

Glucose in the urine can be detected by a simple urine test.

You Are Thirsty All The Time

High levels of glucose in the blood stream can make you thirsty. You may notice that you are drinking more water than usual and passing more urine than usual.diabetes makes you hungry

Excessive thirst can be a sign of underlying diabetes mellitus. In the medical world, this kind of excessive thirst is called polydipsia.

You Are Hungry All The Time

If you have diabetes, you may notice that you are more hungry than usual and keep wishing to have something to eat.

The increasing hunger is because the glucose that is present in the blood does not supply the energy to the muscles. Because of this, your body feels it is not getting the food it requires and keeps asking you to eat more and more.

Increased hunger in diabetes is called polyphagia.

You Are Losing Weight For No Reason

Weight loss is a very common symptom in diabetes. Many individuals initially welcome the weight loss suspecting that they are losing weight due to their ‘healthy’ lifestyle and increased exercise.

weight loss in diabetesHowever, on closer examination and through simple blood tests they find that they have diabetes.

Weight loss in diabetes occurs because the muscles and tissues do not get the nourishing glucose that they need. The glucose required remains within the blood and does not enter the vital organs to provide them with energy and nourishment.

You Keep Getting Infections

A high blood sugar is an excellent food for bacteria and fungus to grow. You may find yourself having itching around the genitals which is usually related to a fungal infection.

If you are constantly suffering from infections, make sure you visit your doctor with regards to exploring the possibility of diabetes.

Your Vision Is Blurred

In diabetes, the lens within your eye can become a little dryer than normal. This can lead to blurring of vision.

Your Wounds Are Healing Too Slowlysymptoms of diabetes

If you are to cut yourself or suffer any form of injury, then the underlying diabetes can make the wounds heal a lot slower than normal. This is a very typical symptom of diabetes.

Your Hands And Feet Tingle

High blood sugars can affect how your nerves work. This is called diabetic neuropathy.

symptoms of diabetesWhile this condition is described as a complication of diabetes, diabetic neuropathy can sometimes be one of the first symptoms of diabetes.

If you find that your hands or feet (or both) are tingling or are numb, then get your blood sugar levels checked.

In Type 2 diabetes, the above symptoms occur gradually over a period of time and can go unnoticed. However, in type 1 diabetes these symptoms developed very rapidly which is why it is detected early.

Get Yourself Checked Out

If you are suffering from any of the above symptoms, then go get a blood test done. It only takes a minute and can help you get timely treatment.

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