5 Reasons To Buy The Aina Mobile Glucose Monitor

The recently launched Aina mobile glucose monitor has changed the way patients with diabetes monitor their blood glucose levels.

It is well established that good diabetes control can reduce the chances of developing complications from diabetes. In fact, according to the American Diabetes Association, ‘keeping your blood glucose levels as close to normal as possible can be a lifesaver‘.

It is reassuring to know that taking charge of your diabetes does not require regular visits to a clinical laboratory time and again. It is easy to check your blood glucose levels at home with very little hassle and most importantly, very little pain.

A wide varieties of glucometers are currently available on the market. While all these help measure blood glucose levels, they rarely have additional features that make them more useful to the patient.

Enter the Aina mobile glucose monitor – a simple to use device with a ton of features that can help you take charge of your diabetes.

Here are 5 reasons why you should use the Aina device to monitor your sugar levels at home.

5 Reasons To Own The Aina Device

Reason #1 – It Works With Your Smartphone

Let’s face it – almost every one of us owns a smart phone these days. The capabilities of these phones are amazing, and the plethora of apps has made life a lot more convenient for us.

Just take a look at the increasing usage of smartphones over the last 5 years! The statistics speak for themselves.

samrtphone usage worldwide

The Aina device works through your smartphone. All you need to do is download the app, plugin the device and follow a few simple steps.

Once you have downloaded the app and have started to use the device, it is straightforward to use. Just like with any glucometer, you just need to add a drop of blood to the strip and you will have your results in a matter of seconds. The data get stored on your smartphone.

The device is compact and is easy to carry around. It plugs into the smartphone headphone port and is activated once the Aina app is turned on.

Reason #2 – You Get Real Time Feedback

Conventional glucometers are good; the Aina mobile glucose monitor is smart. It not just gives you your blood sugar values, it also gives you real time feedback on how well you are controlling your blood sugars. It can assess the variability in your blood sugar values based on your food intake and physical activity.

Diabetes management has never been smarter

Real time monitoring of diabetes has been shown to help reduce A1c levels and improve long term outcomes. In a clinical study of 100 people with diabetes, 50 patients were assigned to simple home based glucose monitoring using a glucometer and the remaining 50 were assigned to a special device that allowed real time monitoring of blood sugar levels. Those with real time monitoring had the advantage of sending their results immediately to a hospital so that the medical team could advise them on what to do.

After 6 months, those who performed real time monitoring had a greater reduction in their average blood glucose levels compared to those who did simple home monitoring.

But that’s not all. These patients also had a greater reduction in their overall body fat levels and reduced cholesterol levels as well. The chances of getting low blood sugar levels i.e. hypoglycemia also reduced significantly.

There is no doubt that the real time feedback can be a boon when it comes to managing your diabetes.

Reason #3 – Hypoglycemia Support

In the event that your blood glucose drops to a very low level, the Aina sugar monitoring device can help you through their ‘intelligent hypoglycemia alerts’. Low blood sugar can be dangerous, and most people who develop this experience shaking, tremors, hunger, sweating and sometimes even confusion.

If you are hypoglycemic, the Aina device software will provide you with quick tips on how to manage it. This way you can make sure you get over your crisis safely and swiftly.

aina mobile glucose monitor

Reason #4 – You Get A Personal Coach ‘Habits’

Time and again, we need someone who can guide us in the right direction. Be it our parents when it comes to life decisions, or our gym coach when we are trying to lose weight.

checking blood glucose with smartphone

The Aina mobile glucose monitor comes with your very own personal coach whose goal is just one main thing – get your diabetes under control.

Based on your sugar levels, you can get different tips on how to keep your sugar levels balanced, how much physical activity you must pursue and what sort of diet you must follow. Expect some fun quizzes and weekly lessons that you will love to participate in.

With the purchase of the device, you get free access to the ‘Habits‘ program. You will exposed to a wealth of information on how best to manage your diabetes and blood sugar level.

habits program aina device

It is these small things that go a long way in taking charge of diabetes.

Reason #5 – Monthly Reports

Finally, another reason to get yourself the Aina mobile glucose monitor is the monthly reports it generates based on your blood sugar values.

You can easily share these values with your doctor or health care practitioner, who will then be able to guide you on what you need to do to keep your diabetes well under control.

This is an invaluable tool as it can save your tons of time and money.

Check out this cool video that highlights the best features of Aina.

Closing Remarks

The Aina glucose monitor device is a smart little thing when it comes to controlling your blood sugar levels. It is the right way forward if you are looking to make a change towards better diabetes control and a better life.

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